The Sober Camel Coins in this section have the Sober Camel Prayer on the back.

"The camel each day goes twice to his knees. He picks up his load with the greatest of ease. He walks through the day with his head held high and stays for that day, completely dry."

The vibrant color medallions are hand painted then protected with a clear epoxy coating for added depth and superior protection.

Our metal coins are finished with a durable lacquer topcoat that prevents scratches and helps maintain the original luster.

Size: 1 3/8" diameter
         34mm x 2mm

Retail Price  Individually priced below
Sober Camel Coin

Retail Price  $15.00
Sober Camel Coin

Retail Price  $15.00

Sober Camel Coin
Bi - Plate

Retail Price  $8.00
Sober Camel Coin

Retail Price  $2.50

Wear or display your coin proudly
Wear or display your coin proudly
Silver or Gold Finish
Bezel with 20" Ball Chain
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Retail Price  $10.00 each
Choose Finish
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Not to Scale
Sober Camel Lapel Pin

Retail Price  $2.00 each
Bezels fit coins 1 3/8" x 1/8"  (34mm x 2mm)
NOTE: Bezels do NOT fit Tri-plates  
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